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Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract
Video Submission Details

You must submit a text abstract for your video submission at the DDW Abstract Submission site. There you will also find the following information:

  1. A text abstract submission is required. Text should include the key ideas from the video. There is a limit of 255 characters for the title of your abstract submission. There is a limit of 700 characters, including spaces, for the text of your abstract submission (abstract body). Do not include institution or author names in the title, abstract body or file name.

  2. Attribution for commercial support must be in the form of a video credit in the beginning of the program. No endorsement or promotion of a specific device or product is allowed. Non-FDA approved use of devices should also be indicated in the opening credits of the video.

  3. Duration of the video should be seven to 10 minutes. Videos longer than 10 minutes will not be considered. Although sound is encouraged with video submission so that its content may be properly evaluated, if selected for presentation, no audio playback capabilities will be provided. The presenting author will need to supply all narration to the video itself.

  4. Permission for all copyrighted material (drawings, illustrations, video footage) must be obtained with attribution of permissions included in the closing credits.

  5. Surgical videos submitted online should not include author and institution information. Any patient identifying information must be excluded or obscured from video films and narration.

  6. If accepted, changes cannot be made to the submitted video. If a PowerPoint presentation is required for introduction, you must indicate this in the submission.

No on-site upload of video presentations will be required for SSAT Videos at DDW 2022.

Please note the following SSAT requirements from the abstract submission instructions: