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Carl Winkler*1, Jaspreet Sandhu2, Xiaohong Yan1, Erica Pettke1, Chandana Herath Mudiyanselage1, Vesna Cekic1, Nipa D. Gandhi1, Richard L. Whelan1
1Surgery, Mount Sinai West, New York, NY; 2Surgery, Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY

In the Far East, ESD is the gold standard for the treatment of large flat colorectal polyps. In the West, the majority of these lesions are still being removed via segmental colectomy with its attendant morbidity and cost. Some surgeons are embracing ESD methods; however, it has proved difficult to acquire the skillset necessary to become proficient with the method in the absence of a high volume of gastric neoplasms. This video presents an ex vivo large bowel ESD training model that, in many ways, mimics the human situation and allows trainees to do complete ESD cases. Our hypothesis is that with this model it is possible to obtain the experience needed to initiate a clinical program.

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