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Caudal Approach Using Postural Change of Laparoscopic Liver Resection (LLR) to the Extended Right Posterior Sectionectomy of the Liver
Zenichi Morise*
Surgery, Fujita Health University School of Medicine Banbuntane Houtokukai Hospital, Nagoya, Japan

In open LR for the right liver, operator's hand is placed behind the liver after mobilization for compression/opening the transection plane. There is no ventral space for lifting the liver, and acquiring a good view from caudal direction and using postural change for dissection/handling organs are facilitated in LLR.
The caudal approach of LLR without prior mobilization in the left lateral position for extended posterior sectionectomy was performed. Dissected IVC and exposed hepatic vein on the transection plane are the guides of transection direction. Transection plane is well-opend between the resected liver fixed to the retroperitonium and the remnant liver sinking down with the gravity.

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